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AMITAY was founded in 2014 by Ofer Franko who held senior management positions in the BARAN GROUP for two decades.

AMITAY were established with a vision and aspiration to create value at the binding connection between complex engineering and the management of large scale projects to which the market in Israel is moving as part of the growth of the economy.

AMITAY operates in the fields of management and engineering. Amitay is engaged in a wide range of engineering complex projects, in the energy and semi-conductor markets, as well as traditional engineering infrastructures of construction. The company is  growing alongside the economy and engineering complexity required by the Israeli and global markets.

AMITAY is focused on constant development and see their mission in learning and embracing new areas of technology in parallel with advanced management methods based on the foundations of the PMO theory.

AMITAY is gaining a reputation among the quality customer market while relying on the core principles of management and engineering.

AMITAY believes in the constant pursuit of excellence and professionalism, in leadership, teamwork, personal, and organizational empowerment combined together.

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Who are we ?

Ofer Franko | Founder

BS.c in Civil Engineer - NYU University, NY USA.

He started working as a young engineer in the Baran Group after 8 years in security service at the Prime Minister's Office. during 18 years of his work in the Baran Group, the largest engineering group in Israel developed and performed a very wide range of management and engineering positions, up to his appointment as CEO, which he held for 5 years.

For two years he served as CEO of the Koor Metal Group and managed the planning and construction frameworks of significant energy projects of the largest private power plants in Israel.

Amit Shoam Franko | Project Manager

Holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Haifa.

Undergraduate student in civil engineering, Ariel University.

Leading manager in energy projects in the fields of renewable energy and energy backup of factories and private homes.

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